What Type of Dentist is Right for You? – Infomax Global

A l-hygienist will guide you through the various dental specialties.

The one that you are most comfortable with for most is a general or family dentist. If you visit for your annual check-up, or bring your children to have an examination these are the dentists whom you have to deal with. Nearly every dentist started as a dentist. General dentists offer treatments like fillings, and crowns. Some dentists also perform specific procedures like extractions, root canals and braces. Orthodontists are specialized in their treatment options, like braces and aligners. You will be referred to an orthodontist if you require your teeth fixed or have a significant malocclusion.

Dental surgeons are the specialists that you consult if you require treatments for soft or tough tissue within the mouth anatomy surrounding your teeth. They perform removals, sinus lifts jaw reconstruction, as well as cleft tooth repair. If you suffer from an extreme gum condition, you will need be seen for treatments by one of the periodontists. We have now introduced you to some different types of dentists. This can help you decide which one is best suited to address your needs.


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